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Thank for this, Raj
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Posted 2020-07-31 6:57 PM (#237619 - in reply to #237540)
Subject: Body




RAJ: Good afternoon, and welcome. We will go right into our first question.

CHRIS: The first question is from Connie.

QUESTION: Many thanks for this. I would welcome your help on number two son’s dip into street drugs and husband’s burning lower legs and insomnia, and my efforts to be present and useful with it all. I’m a bit overwhelmed.

RAJ: You’re in another one of those situations where you’re going to have to take care of number one first. You can’t be much help at all if you’re depleted. You really can’t be an agent for change if you’re overwhelmed. And so, in your mind you’re going to have to back off. Release your son to the Holy Spirit. Turn him over to God in your mind, and let go of this present sense of personal responsibility for his welfare. And the same with your husband, at the moment.

At the bottom line, in all cases, each one is entirely responsible for his experience of his well-being, or his experience of poor being. All you can do when you’re not exhausted, when you’re not overwhelmed, is to be a presence that facilitates your son’s and your husband’s capacity to change their minds, to take responsibility for what they’re doing. And if they’re not comfortable with it, to change what they’re doing, whether it’s their attitude, or whether it’s their behavior, or whether it’s their associations.

Of course, you’re overwhelmed because you’re trying to be personally responsible. You’re trying to take on the load. But as I’ve said before, you cannot reach the switch that is in their mind. Only they can reach the switch and switch it, choosing for or deciding for a new way to be, a new way to think. It’s not your responsibility to change them.

And it’s not your responsibility to change them because you cannot. I cannot change you. I cannot change them. But the moment any of you are ready to change and desire to change, I can guide you, any of you, but you have to take the steps, and you have to switch the switch.

You will walk back into the Kingdom of Heaven on purpose. You will move back into your Right Mind on purpose, by virtue of a choice you make. And that’s the only way. You’re in it now, all of you. You are at Home right now, but you don’t believe it, or you don’t want to believe it. Or you want to ignore it because you have some preference as regards what you want.

They have preferences—your husband and your son—and they’re choosing for their preference. I know, they would say, “Well, I’m not choosing to have these physical symptoms.” And your son would say, “I’m not choosing to see my experience as being as detrimental as you’re seeing it. The fact that you are bothered by it is a result of your own mindsets. It’s a result of your own opinion.” Because he doesn’t want to see the truth and change the behavior that is causing him to have a much more limited experience than it’s his Birthright to be having.

I know. You say, “Well, I can’t just let them suffer!” But I’m going to ask you, “Can you stop them from suffering?” No, not as long as they’re choosing for it.

If there is suffering, there is conflict going on. And if there is conflict going on, it’s because Peace is not being chosen for. The conflict is being validated. The attention is being given to the conflict. Paying attention to the experience of the conflict is what your husband is choosing to give his attention to. He is not choosing to do whatever it takes to un-conflict his mind, which he could very simply do by meditating. 

Now, you’re going to have to give the responsibility back to them. And what that really means is, you’re going to have to stop foolishly thinking that you have the capacity to be responsible for them. And you get some rest. And when you begin to be concerned, and engage in a conflicted mind yourself, notice that that’s what you’re doing. Notice that you are choosing to experience conflict, to give your attention willingly to it, to not object to this activity of your very own mind, and not choosing to do something else instead. You see? They’re not making you to do that. You are choosing to do it, for whatever reason.

You have a justification—you’re his wife; you’re his mother; it’s your business to care for them. You have what’s called “mother’s love.” And all mothers are stuck with it, or all mothers are blessed by it, depending on whether things are going smoothly or roughly. [laughing] That’s your justification.

Well, if you’re really a mother, if you’re really a parent, if you’re really the guide, then you will guide them to their own self-responsibility. And you will neglect to confuse matters by implying to them that you want to be responsible, and that you will do everything you can to take the responsibility away from them, and handle it yourself. You see? It’s not your job. That is not your job, to be responsible for them. 

So, you do whatever it takes to find your Peace. Meditate yourself. Now, don’t meditate so that you’ll get into that place of Peace, and therefore be able to be more effectively responsible for them because you’re not upset. You see? That’s a tricky ploy of the ego. “Yes, I will find my peace and experience strengthening so that I will then be able to more effectively take responsibility for them.” No, find your Peace in spite of what is going on. And in finding it, have the demonstration within yourself of the fact that, no matter what’s going on, you or anyone can find their Peace by making the choice for it, rather than the conflict, the invigoration of the tension. You see? And point them in the direction of their finding their equilibrium, so they’re not attracted to that which is debilitating to them, because in one way or another, they are both attracted to something that’s debilitating to them.

You truly want to be able to do that which will set them free. And what will set them free is your demonstrating for them, you might say, that your Peace is available to you no matter what, and therefore so is theirs. And so you point them in the direction of that. And that’s something you cannot do for them. Be the example, realizing that the example will teach them how to be the example. You see?  Okay.

CHRIS: The next question is from Helen.

QUESTION: Good evening, Raj. Thank you for being with us tonight. A while ago I connected with someone whose name is John. Things seem to have gone wrong, and now there is lots of silence. I feel it is not over, but don’t know what to do. Could you please advise?

RAJ: The best advice I can give you is to bring in your tentative tentacles. Let it be what it is. And don’t be hovering in anticipation of anything. Let the silence be there. And then really give full attention to what is on your plate, to what is in your presence. Embrace by not reaching for, but making room for. You’re experiencing a loss of peace because you’re trying to do something inappropriate.

Again, bring back your tentative tentacles. Let your attention be on whatever is in your presence, and give it to what is in your presence fully, because what is in your presence is God, is the Ultimate. Be present with it, with curiosity to experience more of its fullness, and be at peace. Don’t create a problem where there is none.  Okay.

CHRIS: The next question is from Ron.

QUESTION: Should I stay in the Mankind Project?

RAJ: Absolutely. It’s exactly where you belong. It is exactly where you’re needed. You need to not be tentative about it. You need to not be tentative about leaving, or tentative about staying. Make commitment to it, and bring your best to it. And stay because there is something yet for you to contribute that is essential, and you don’t want to prematurely move before what you need to give has been given. You’re just exactly where you need to be, and where you’re needed. Even if behaviors around you seem to indicate something contrary to what I’ve just said, don’t believe it and don’t act on it. Many times where you are most needed is where you are least wanted. Okay. You have my support and encouragement.

CHRIS: The next question is from Nancy.

QUESTION: Raj, are you my Guide? Who is standing there, and who is Metatron?

RAJ: Yes, I am your Guide. And you are going to have to ask the others who they are directly. You are going to have to be willing to lean into an intimacy with them that allows them to respond to your desire to know, which I encourage you to do with curiosity and great interest.  Okay.

CHRIS: The next question is from George.

QUESTION: Should I stay with the job I have or take the position being offered me at a large government hospital?

RAJ: If you want to enjoy life, if you want to have an obvious experience of fulfillment, stay right where you are, and do not take the alternative. I cannot make it any clearer than that.  Okay.

CHRIS: The next question is from Linda.

QUESTION: Am I in alignment with God’s Will in the direction I’m going with my art career, working with young offenders. Am I hearing guidance correctly? Just need some reassurance I am not being willful.

RAJ: You’re right on target. And you are hearing your guidance accurately. I will say this. But, because it’s something you have a natural attraction to, a natural feeling for, you are going to need to continue to listen, and give preference to the guidance, so that your pre-existing feelings do not begin to guide your steps. Ask, ask frequently, inquire often of your guidance as to whether you’re on track, or is there anything you could be doing that would be more meaningful and more to the point than what you’re currently doing? What more is there for you to be aware of than that which you already have an affinity for that you already know about? You see? I could say that this will keep you on your toes. And it will keep, it will keep the work you are doing fresh and pertinent to those you’re working with.  Okay.

CHRIS: The next question is from Paul.

QUESTION: Hello, Raj. I hope I can find the words to make the question clear, as I’m not clear about whatever is going on.

I’ve had times where I feel like I’m dying. Also, I seem to have times where I feel like I want to die. This is not a suicidal feeling; just something that is present. I’m aware of both as distinct feelings. I am often tempted to believe that my body is seriously sick with cancer. I know this stuff is all bottom line “BS” [bullshit], but sometimes I really get caught up in it. It comes and goes. Can you put perspective on this for me that I may move past, or through this, in the optimum way? Thank you.

RAJ: Well, first of all, let’s tackle this idea of being done. [laughing] Ah, you will never be done being. You will never be done being the Expression of God. God will never be done expressing Himself right there where you are, appearing to be you. So a feeling of being done, is a purely imaginary concoction of, what I’m going to call, an irrational mind—not your mind, and not the Mind of God.

You will never be done. You will never arrive at a conclusion. That’s not what Being is. Being is a verb. It is a verb describing Life. It is a verb describing the specific Conscious Experience of Life. And that will never be over. And it will never be done, in the sense of having arrived at a conclusion. If there’s any conclusion that any of you will ever arrive at, it will be a matter of arriving at a complete willingness to flow with the Movement of Life, a complete yielding to the Movement of Being, where you do not resist wherever the movement takes you, whatever the movement is bringing into manifestation.

You will always be the Presence of Mind, that with which Creation is registering. It will never be over. And even if you say, “Yes, I think I really am done here, and it’s time for me to let go of this mortal veil,”—it’s all this fancy bullshit, and you appear to die—you’ll find that you aren’t done at all and that you are still at the same thresholds of discovery that you were before you apparently died. So don’t play into this idea of being done. Being is an eternal newness—eternal, uninterruptible, and unending.

So when this feeling comes, when this emotion comes, when this idea presents itself that, “Maybe I’m done,” peg it right away. Recognize it to be bullshit. Call it for what it is, and kick it out. Dismiss it.

You have the authority to dismiss anything. After all, you, along with everyone else, has dismissed God temporarily, and said, “I’m just a material organism. I’m on my own. I’m here created by God to learn how to practice all the skills that God has placed in me.” You see? “But I’m not the Presence of God. God is not presencing Himself right here where I am, and being all there is to me. No, that’s not what happened.” You see? So you’ve dismissed God. And you can dismiss Him pretty well. You can manage to feel pretty ignorant of God and of your inseparability from Him. So, I say that just so that you might recognize the power of your mind.

Now, you can, because of your omnipotence, dismiss an idea that presents itself to you that you’re done. And you can dismiss the idea that your body is ridden with cancer, and you will die. And you can, with specific authority that is divine, choose to know the Truth about You, which I’ve just been describing, and of course, much more.

You can choose where to give your attention. You can decide where to give your attention. And you can decide to stand with the Voice for Truth, which is the Holy Spirit, which is nothing more than your Right Mind, or you can choose to side with the voice for fear, which is going to speak to you of death and endings and completion. You see? The voice for fear leads most everyone to the belief that there’s a point at which you’re not going to have to grow any more. You will have learned everything there is to learn, and you will be able to sit back and relax and enjoy life. You see? Meaning you will be able to sit back and not be faced with the stress of learning anything new. You see? And relax. And it’s called retirement. Retirement, which is not Life.

Being is invigorating. That is its nature, because it’s Life, you see? Becoming, on the other hand, is always presented as something that you do for a certain period of time, at the end of which, you have become —and there is no more “-ing” on the end of it—and you can sit back and be what you have become, which isn’t invigorating at all.

Now as I said before, the switch is in you. You are going to have to decide which position it’s going to be in; the position that hooks you into the voice for fear, or the position that hooks you in with the Voice for Truth, which speaks to you what God speaks, and speaks to you what you as the Christ speaks, and keeps you forever in the midst of the invigoration of Being, and the joy of Being, even though it makes you gasp once in a while in sheer awe, because “behold, something new” has registered with you. You see?

Now, you are doing very well, in an ongoing way, with what you could call temporary relapses. Okay. So you have a temporary relapse. You don’t feel the confidence. You don’t feel the invigoration. You don’t feel the being on the right track, and so on. It’s like doing a meditation where you’re saying your mantra, or you’re paying attention to the sensation of the air as it goes past the bridge of your nose, and then you find yourself thinking thoughts. And you’re no longer saying the mantra. You’re no longer paying attention to the sensation of the air going through your nose. And what do you do? You just bring your attention back, gently, to the bridge of your nose, or your mantra. You don’t make a big “to do” out of it because you slipped the track or had a little relapse. You see?

Don’t make a federal case out of it. Yeah, you had a relapse. But you knew enough to shift your attention and desire to be in touch with the Voice for Truth. It’s like learning how to ride a bike. You go a few feet and fall over. Big deal. You go twice as far the next time and fall over. Big deal. You get back on the bike. And in a relatively short time, you’ve gotten the hang of it. You’re just getting the hang of staying on the beam. You see? So persist, and don’t cry in your beer because you fell down and maybe skinned your elbow. Man, you want to ride the bike, [and so] you get back on.

Persisting on the side of the Voice for Truth will always succeed because what? The Voice for Truth is nothing more than your Right Mind, and because it is your Right Mind, whatever has distracted you from the experience of it, cannot persist longer than What You Are. And so, when you persist on behalf of Right-Mindedness, when you persist in finding the Place of Excellence in you and coming from there, you will succeed because you are bringing yourself in alignment with the unchanging Truth about you. And there’s a point at which the recognition [finger snap] that this is You will occur fully, and you won’t backslide again.

It’s very simple, but it takes persistence; what you might call determination. And determination on behalf of What You Divinely Are is not willfulness. It’s simply Sanity. Keep up the good work. And I mean it.  Okay.

CHRIS: The next question is from Mary Ann.

QUESTION: Raj, I have trouble with motivation to do good work, to take good care of myself and my surroundings. I feel it has to do with not believing in myself or caring enough to take the actions I know that are needed. I would appreciate any suggestions to help. Mary Ann.

RAJ: Well, you’re right. And you know what? Until you arrive at a point where you really don’t like the experience, you will continue, or until you arrive at a point where you want to have a different experience, even though this one hasn’t become totally miserable.

I’m not going to give you a pep talk. I’m not going to try to get you to change your mind. I am going to clearly share with you that you have exactly what you’re choosing for. It isn’t being forced upon you. It has nothing to do with circumstances. It’s just that you have the evidence of what you’re choosing to be, or you have the evidence of the way you’re allowing yourself to be.

Now, the tendency to label yourself because of this, or your ego’s tendency to label you and call you “lazy, no gumption,” you must not play into this because the purpose is to make you feel guilty. Well, I’ll tell you something. You never have to feel guilty for having the experience you’re choosing for. You hear that? You never have to be guilty for choosing the experience you’re having.

What you have to do is decide whether that’s the experience you want. And if it’s the experience you want, acknowledge it and go on your way. But I will also make it very clear to you that there is more fulfillment and more joy, and more invigoration awaiting you than what you’re experiencing right now. And whenever you opt for it, that is what will open up for you. Whenever you opt for it.

Now, do not put other people, not even me, in the position of trying to talk you into doing it, because that’s just a game. Just be honest with yourself. You’re having the experience you’re choosing for. It’s nothing you need to feel guilty about. If you’re having the experience you’re choosing for, and it’s not optimal in your sight, then choose again. More is available.

You see, if somebody tries to give you a pep talk and tries to get you to change, you can busy yourself with trying to change, because you’re using the energy put forth by another to get you to change, to inspire you. You feed off of the enthusiasm and the vitality of someone else’s encouragement. But that won’t move you, because the movement will only come from a decision within you and your willingness to put your energy behind it. So don’t waste your time trying to find people or books that will make you change, or make you want to change. Be simpler than that and more honest. Say to yourself, recognize, “I’m having the experience I’m having because of the choices I’m making. This equals that. My choices equal my experience.” That’s a real simple equation. “My difference choices will equal a different experience.”

Doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? But you know what? When you find out how unexciting it is, and you’re not faced with people trying to get you to change, it will register with you sooner that you’re not really happy, without being sidetracked by other people trying to get you to be different, without you trying to get other people to make you try to be different. You’ll just see that you’re having a blah experience because of blah choices.

And if you know that there’s no guilt to be attached to it, then there’s not even any kind of an emotional charge that can be generated there. And so you’re just left with the simplicity of: “My choices equal my experience. My choices equal my experience. It doesn’t mean anything about me. It just means that my choices equal my experience. Whew!” Without any dynamics around it, it really will become easier for you to say, “Well, you know, just for variation, just so that my existence won’t be as monotonous, I’m going to put into place some different choices and see what kind of a different experience I’ll have.” And you’ll have a different experience.

So I guess my very clear answer for you is that whatever you’re experiencing right now, you’re stuck with until you make some different choices. Am I going to encourage you to make different choices? No. I’ll just tell you that different choices will mean different experiences, and you must take it from there, or not.

What I have said to you is empowering to you. I hope that if I’ve inspired you to anything, that it’s to the realization of the simplicity of things. I hope I have inspired you to see that the dullness of your experience is relative to the dullness of your choices, and how unsatisfying the simplicity of it is. And that together with the fact that there’s no guilt to be associated with it, and therefore no reason to resist the penalties associated with guilt, that you’re not caught in any kind of a web of guilt and suffering and punishment that you must extricate yourself from. You’re simply sitting in the middle of a simple equation: Your choices equal your experience. I hope I’ve inspired you to see that, because that leaves you entirely free to change if you wish, and leaves the onus on you to do whichever you choose.  Okay. I love you.

Okay. Next question.

CHRIS: The next question is from Micha. 

QUESTION: Dear Raj, thank you for your recent messages. I have been enjoying them. Can you reassure me that I am hearing some guidance and also of the health of my daughter’s first child to be born soon? Thank you Raj.

RAJ: I will have to put it this way. There’s a great deal more humility present in your listening. And as a result, I would have to say that the quality of what you’re hearing is registering with you more fully. You are hearing better. It is as though you were hearing a limited range of the audio spectrum, as it were, as though you were hearing-impaired, but it didn’t keep you from hearing. But in the presence of the greater humility that you are bringing to the listening process, the spectrum has broadened, so that there is more fullness and more depth of meaning registering with you. And we are very grateful for this.

And, yes, you can trust what you’re hearing more fully. I know that you experience a different quality in the hearing. And what I mean to convey by that is, more of a feeling of being on the beam, more of a feeling like the station on the radio is tuned in more on the mark; a feeling of stability that almost makes being on the beam feel as though it’s a really tangible path, a really tangible energy flow, if you will. I know you know what I mean. One could say it’s a significantly forward step for you. And again, we are grateful for it. Yes.  Okay.

CHRIS: The next question is from Sharon.

QUESTION: Hello, Raj. Yesterday I had a deeper insight and I am grateful. And I would like to know if what I understood was correct, and to ask for help in letting in more clarity and experiences. Would you speak to this a bit, please?

RAJ: Yes, you heard very clearly. And it has already broadened you. It has already enlarged your grasp, one might say, of the Truth about everything, because it was an all-encompassing, rather than specific, insight.

I’m going to encourage you when you’re listening, to really treat it as though it’s a holy endeavor and a holy experience, so that you will bring to it a less frivolous or lighthearted frame of mind. I do not mean by that, so that you will become serious about it, but so that you might approach it with an anticipation of it being fuller, in the way you experienced it yesterday. And so that silliness doesn’t cause the experience to be more shallow than what is waiting there for you to be experienced.  Okay.

CHRIS: The next question is from Jay.

QUESTION: Hi, Raj. I am an anesthesiologist...

CHRIS: Everybody understands what I meant.

QUESTION: ...and medical director of a small surgery center. I do my job well, but my heart is not really into it. My passion is to help people to get along better with one another, to listen to one another, and to work well with one another. As a medical director, I have had a chance to offer this, but it is not really being received well. My purpose is... does it serve purpose for me to continue doing this? Does it serve purpose for me to offer the gift of my heart in another form, such as being involved with those who are looking for change, truth, peace, and teaching this, rather than providing anesthesia?

RAJ: Well, let me interrupt right there.

You assume that talking to those who are looking for spirituality and health and peace, are willingly going to embrace what you have to give. I’m living proof of the fact that it tain’t so. Not everyone likes what I have to hear [say], at least sometimes not at the beginning, and then afterwards find that it was perfect.

You’re already in the position you are seeking, and just because those around you aren’t looking for it, aren’t asking for it, doesn’t mean that it’s not needed. You are right in the work place where you have the opportunity to quote “teach,” to be the illuminator of that which improves human relationships, right where it counts.

You know, you could fix yourself up an office with a nice desk and put your shingle out, and sit there and have no one come, or have a few come who argue with you. And you already have the fullness of what you are looking for. You’re already right in the middle of it. And so I’m going to encourage you to value it, and see it as your prayer answered before you even asked. And then, be the one that you are to the fullest. That’s as simple as I can put it.  Okay.

CHRIS: The next question is from Bob.

QUESTION: Hello, Raj. Just what is the physical body? Does it exist? In an out-of-body experience, people report looking at their body, so obviously it’s not them. Yet you’ve said that we always have a body which identifies us. So when we die, yet still exist, just what is lying in the coffin? Is it a vehicle, like a car, that we ride around in for a while until we get a new model, or what? Thanks very much for being here for us.

RAJ: I know this is repetitious because I’ve said it many times before, but very simply, the body that’s lying in the coffin is the after-image of you in everyone else’s mind who’s left behind. It’s as simple as that. And because everyone else’s perception of you, the image they have of you, does not find its source in you, it naturally decays, because everyone can’t maintain the image they have in their mind.

Body. It isn’t whether the body is real or not. It’s whether you’re real or not. Whatever is real, is God presencing Himself right there as that thing. And there cannot be God without manifestation. There cannot be God without the experience of God.

[pause] Paul is trying to extract something radically new from me so that I will not repeat myself.

I must come back to the fact that there is no such thing as matter. As far as your physicists and scientists are concerned, every bit of matter is pure energy. It’s a pattern of energy. Where do you think the pattern comes from? What establishes the pattern if it’s not Mind, if it’s not God, if it’s not That which is the Act of Creation?

I’m going to backtrack here. When one has what’s called an out-of-body experience, one finds himself looking back at his or her own concept of his or her body, just as everyone else sees their concept of that body. It does not mean that the one who’s having an out-of-body experience is actually unidentified or bodiless. 

God will always have that which identifies His Presence, else there would be no God. God and no manifestation equals no God. The Creator without a Creation is a non-existent Creator. So there’s always going to be the visibility and tangibility of what God is Being. That which patterns energy so that it is recognizable, are Ideas. And so body is an Idea in the Mind of God, and there is no “matter” to it.

As each of you shifts from an interpretation of your body as being matter—dense, physical, material—as everyone shifts from that to a recognition that it is pure Idea, that it is a patterning of energy that is not physical, but is pure Spirit, and one begins to consider or apprehend his body from this standpoint, his mind is less at odds with what it really is. His mind is more in alignment with what it really is. And so, there is less dissonance between the one perceiving the body and the perception. And when that happens, there is reconfiguration; what you call healing. This is very important.

You are constantly confronted with the only thing there is to experience—and that is Reality, the Kingdom of Heaven—whatever words you want to use for the unaltered, unchangeable, pure and real experience of All That Is. And again, I reiterate, there is no matter to it. It’s all Idea. And it’s not the idea of an insane mind, but an Idea formed in the Divine Mind, which is God.

As you start associating all the forms you see, with God, rather than a big bang—with God, rather than evolution of matter—you will find greater and greater harmony beginning to manifest—healing and reconfiguration. Right now reconfiguration usually only happens under dire circumstances when you are too afraid to continue to hold on to your present beliefs about your body, and you reach out beyond and invite a new awareness that does connect with God.

But, as you, in your normal everyday life, begin to consciously choose to recognize that if you’re seeing anything at all, it has to be Reality, it has to be God manifest, it has to have all the characteristics of God, you will find these transformations/reconfigurations happening spontaneously, without the stress of a dire circumstance. And this is what I anticipate all of you will be experiencing more of, because of the fact that we are bringing to light the Truth and making it easier for you to consider everything in a new light. And that’s a good choice of words because the Energy is Light; the Energy of Substance is Light.

Now, this question of the reality or unreality of the body is one that needs to come to an end. It’s  a question that needs to never occur to anyone again. Are you experiencing something? Then you are experiencing a Something, with a capital “S”, truly or through a glass darkly, truly or untruly. But what you’re experiencing is Something that exists. That means it’s part of Reality. It means it’s divine. It means that it is God infinitely expressing Himself right there.

God needs to become much more relevant, the spiritual needs to become much more relevant to what you’ve been calling “the material.” And you need to stop calling it “the material.” And you need to stop anticipating that “matter” is going to behave according to certain prescribed patterns and processes: birth, growth, old age, deterioration, death. You see? That’s the way you define “the behavior of matter.”

But if you begin to consider the fact that it’s Spirit, that it is the Energy—the energy the physicists are talking about is the Energy of Spirit, or the Energy that is Spirit, which is divine—you are going to become free of the anticipation of “the typical behavior of matter.” And you are going to see people healthier, or totally healthy, without deterioration. You’re going to begin to see yourself, not just people. But you’re going to have to embrace the shift that allows you to identify God with anything you’re experiencing. 

“Man is not material,” it has been said, “he is Spiritual.”[Sun Rose’s Note: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, page 475.] Body is not material; it is Spiritual. Universe is not material; it is Spiritual. Matter is not material; it is pure Spirit, and needs to be considered in that light.

To reconsider “matter” in this way is going to be the one most significant shift in perception that will promote Awakening. And so everyone must stop denying matter, must stop denying objects, because “they’re matter,” and embrace the objects because they are Spirit, you see, including the body, including the shirt on your body’s back, or the dress.

Now, have fun with this; explore it. Don’t talk about it; don’t think about it. Start connecting with things with a conscious willingness to at least embrace the possibility that, for example, the lampshade, the Substance of it is Spirit. It is a Divine Idea—experienceable. There’s no matter to it. And be with it for a moment, because if it’s Spirit, it’s a holy experience you’re having, because it’s God rendered experienceable, if I may put it that way. This way you can have a whole lot of holy experiences during your day.

So it’s not a thing to think about, it’s something to engage in. It’s a way of engaging your mind that breaks the old habit, the old way you’ve been engaging your mind which automatically calls everything “matter,” and applies to it “the learned behaviors of matter,” which are just concepts. They are ideas that your physicists are already outmoding. But you don’t have to be a physicist to participate in outmoding it and moving beyond it, and getting past “the limitations of matter.” And getting past “the limitations of matter” is going to include teleportation, levitation, and more. So it’s worth exploring. It’s worth engaging in, rather than talking about, and thinking about, and arguing about, and so on.  Okay. Thank you for your question.


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