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Raj talks about the “A-ha!”
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Posted 2020-07-26 4:10 PM (#237524)
Subject: Raj talks about the “A-ha!”


The “A-ha!” of Realization


NOTE: The following is a conversation between Paul and Raj which occurred early this morning. In many ways it is like providing the last chapter of a book first, since it is the most recent of a series of conversations which have occurred since September 1st, and which we will be sharing in the next few days. Beside the information covered in these conversations, which is extremely meaningful, the nature of the relationship one has with his Guide, or the Holy Spirit, or Jesus is wonderfully illuminated — the patience, the seeing of innocence when correction is needed, and the honoring of integrity in the learning process.


PAUL: Okay. I don’t know what is going on. Literally! You are going to have to tell me. What are we doing?

RAJ: We are persisting. Plodding with Intent but not determination. Determination is an act of initiation, while plodding is resignation to something already determined. Get used to it, Paul. You will never originate anything, but you will always be inseparable from everything created — from the impulse of Movement . . . the beginning of the wave . . . to its breaking in all of its splendor on the shore.

To be even clearer: You will never make anything happen! And every effort you put forth with that intent will be a frustrating experience, bearing no fruit! But, you will always be inseparable from the Movement of Creation — from the first glimmer of an idea in the Mind of God to the full-fledged manifestation of that idea in the Mind of God. Your divinely authorized Function is to be the conscious awareness of it all . . . from the glimmer — the intrusion of Light into the Allness of Mind — right through to the “A-ha!” of realization when the idea is identified . . . and therefore identifiable!

You, and every one of the Brotherhood, are the “A-ha!” in the Mind of God — that part of God which is the “connecting point” between the Movement of God and the recognition of GOD in the Movement!

So, you ask what we are doing. We are illuminating the event called Creation, pulling It infrom the perception of It being “out there,” and placing It properly in the context of infinite Mind — as the Movement of Mind instead of the movement of matter — and as something each of us is inextricably, intrinsically inseparable from.

We are illuminating the fact that although the prevailing belief has been that we are just observers of Creation, whose task it is to understand and cope with It . . . that belief, believed, has put us out of sync with what Creation is . . . and this has caused us to perceive ourselves as being at the receiving end of whatever Creation dishes out. In other words, being out of sync has caused us to collide with Creation, and then misperceive It as colliding with us.

This belief has then been compounded when imagination suggested that we must become equal to what Creation is dishing out in order to survive, and that the following is, indeed, our Purpose: To establish ourselves as the specie of the highest order of evolution by “getting control,” and doing it by using the very “laws of physics” which govern the universe.

These words are not strange to anyone, but they should be, while the following words AREstrange and shouldn’t be:

“You, and every one of the Brotherhood, are the ‘A-ha!’ in the Mind of God — that part of God which is the ‘connecting point’ between the Movement of God and the recognition of GOD in the Movement!” 

That none of Creation is happening in time and space, but in Mind, and that our Function is not “survival” but co-creation with God, is a shift of consciousness — something easy to experience because physics is not involved, because polarities are not involved, becauseideas have no mass, no gravity, and because what you are observing with determines what you see instead of what you see determining what you are. The Course says that a miracle is a sudden shift of perception, and it is the Truth!

What are we doing? We are persisting. Plodding with Intent, but not determination — you might say, “Mind, resting in action,” because there is nothing to accomplish and everything to experience; because there is nothing to accomplish but to let go of “accomplishment;” because there is an entirely different way to experience being conscious than as a “thinker” solving the problem of being.

What are we doing? We are obviously “not-doing” an invitation of support, even though support is imperative by the end of the day today. No. Are we succumbing to faithlessness or force? Giving up or pressing harder? No. As I said yesterday, “Love, unperturbed, continues to make Its Gift, and It prevails! It prevails because the Gift is valuable, and the awareness of its value instills a steadiness and calm, and the extremes of coercion or withdrawal find no abiding place.”

Every single invitation of support we have made has been more than an invitation of support! I am teaching something essential about “looking into your brother’s eyes and remembering God,” about involvement, about letting need register when it is happening . . . in your life and in the lives of others . . . and making the effort to Listen more deeply, with less and less judgment, until you can hear what to do or say to meet the need, to release the human spirit (which is actually the Spirit of the Son or Daughter of God Who has lost sight of his or her divinity and innocence) to once again trust enough to let Love in . . . and then let It out . . . and pay it forward. What I have been teaching is Divine Economics. It is essential to Homecoming for all of the Brotherhood.

It is now 4 a.m. and we — Paul and I — have, in a state of steadiness and calm, made the Gift because It is of more value than giving voice to faithlessness or force, and because it has transfer value for everyone. The call in the world, today, is for Love. It is a call for reaching for the answer until the answer is given to share. And it’s those last two words where the hard work is.

This is not a time to be intimidated by “inconvenience” or “effort” or a call for “more patience than you have to give” . . . when the need is to SHARE what actually provides RELIEF to your fellowman. Whining and complaining are not the appropriate response to the call for miracles. And it is everyone’s responsibility to persist on behalf of his fellowman until the miracle, the sudden shift of perception, happens, so that healing can occur because it was shared, because it was given! 

Answering our invitations of support may not be convenient. Hearing them repetitively may be irritating. Needs are seldom experienced otherwise. But needs must be addressed . . . and the miracle is the required answer . . . no matter how difficult it may seem to be to justify the effort it takes to let the sudden shift of perception occur.

When the resistance to gifting God with our willingness to see Him in our Brothers and Sisters is abandoned, the effort it takes disappears, because the “work” of it is the effort it takes to get through our own resistance to letting Truth in, letting Love in, and giving it, giving It, giving It until . . .

No. Not “until” . . .

. . . giving It, giving It, giving It . . . simply because your Homecoming depends upon your being the place where God and nothing else shines through. As co-creator with God, it is your Function to glorify God, with the “A-ha” which confirms Creation as His . . . and Yours, because “you made it so” with your “A-ha!” It’s the eternal “norm.” It’s the Atonement.

And that’s what we’re doing.

Kingston, Washington
September 9th, 2019


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