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Random quote: "You know you can talk about forgiveness till you’re blue in the face and everyone’s sick and tired of it, but you can be the absence of judgment wordlessly and everyone feels forgiven."-RAJ
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Anybody have the origin of this Raj statement?
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Posted 2019-11-09 2:23 PM (#232715 - in reply to #232714)
Subject: RE: Here is one reference Raj at an ACIM Conference in 1992


Excerpt from a Raj Gathering at ACIM Conference 1992

RAJ: Yesterday, the question was asked if the sign of an Awakened One is the experience of perfect peace. And the fact that everyone around that One experiences perfect peace, how is it that the crucifixion could have happened? In other words, how could those around me not have experienced the peace and the gentleness of Love and, thereby, have been unable to engage in the act that has come to be known as the crucifixion? It is a good question. But it illustrates what the Course calls level confusion.  

How many of you understand what level confusion means? How many do not? Those of you who do, may be surprised to find that you do not, either. [Laughter] Level confusion is not something to have an intellectual concept of. And I’m going to share something at a more experiential level that will help you to know what it means without yet being able to put it in words.

Many of you have had the experience of being asleep at night. And when you were children, your mother would call and say, “It’s time to get up.” And you were having a dream. And, in the dream, one of the characters is hollering, “It’s time to get up.” Or, somebody comes while you are sleeping and shakes your shoulder. And in the dream, the person standing next to you reaches up and puts his or her hand on your shoulder and shakes it gently to get your attention. That is level confusion. Where an event that is happening at another level is interpreted as an event within another level. That is level confusion.  

Now, this is very important because it’s going to change the way you approach the rest of this conference as well as the way you approach your daily life when you return to your homes. The Course and the Voice for Truth do not address you from the level of the dream but from a level outside the dream to rouse you to a different order of awareness.  

If you are having a night dream, and you are in a righteous argument with someone, and, indeed, your mother or someone calls the Real you to Wake up, is that going to create a feeling of satisfaction for the one arguing with you in the dream if you are going to completely withdraw from the dream? No!  

So, are you here as students of the Course to have a clearer perception to make everyone else be better or happier? Or are you here to Wake up to a different order of things? Really speaking, with a capital “R”, there are no such things as levels. But, if you are caught in an experience of fantasy—which is what a dream is—then there do seem to be levels because Reality seems to be unavailable to you at that moment, and your dream has become the substitute for Reality. True, it is said that, as you begin to reach beyond your conditioned thinking, as you begin to desire to Wake up and know the Truth, the unhappy dream begins to shift to a happy dream.  

But that’s not the point. It is a “benny” you get, a “perk” you get. It is very easy, especially as one begins to study and embrace and attempt to embody the principles of the Course, to think that its purpose is to change everything for the better. And so, it can begin to be used as a means of control of the dream, which is not the point.  

And so, indeed, there are many Course In Miracles meetings that are far from peaceful and loving. [Laughter] And, as I mentioned yesterday, there are families where non-Course members of the family and Course members of the family begin to experience strife as though the conveying of ideas and principles and the use of particular language is what constitutes embodying the Course. When the point is: The internal shift of awareness that causes you to feel less and less the need for defense so that you may be more genuinely you and express the love that you find is, indeed, the substance of you, which almost no one in your world will object to.

Now, there is a necessity for me to be very precise because, in the use of the illustration of a dreamer in a night dream, and the fact that what is experienced is pure fantasy, and when you Wake up the world of that fantasy disappears, that illustration cannot be used appropriately to give you a context in which to understand Waking up. It is instead the daydream, such as you had when you were in school and the teacher was talking, and you were gazing out the window and were a thousand miles away or imagining yourself out in the yard playing. Here, your fantasy is a modification of Reality not a total substitute for it. In effect, the Course is the loud noise of the teacher getting your attention while you are daydreaming so that your attention comes back to a proper perception of Reality rather than the modified one that you have engaged in, as a means of escape from boredom.  

It is important to understand this because, at this very instant, there’s only one thing going on—God—right here. And it looks like me, and it looks like you, and it looks like a building, and it looks like grass, and it looks like cows, it looks like a group, it looks like food, et cetera, it looks like camaraderie, but it’s all God. 

If God is, indeed, omnipotent and omnipresent, where is there room for another creation? There is none. Therefore, you are at all times confronted with Reality. At all times, you are confronted with the Kingdom of Heaven, and you are either seeing It clearly or through a glass darkly. Through the lens of the ego, you have a misinterpretation of It, a misperception of It. 

And that is why the Course says that, ultimately, perception will disappear. Perception of what? Perception of the Kingdom of Heaven. You will no longer have a perception of It; you will Be the conscious experience of It. Any perception you have of It must necessarily be biased, partial, incomplete.

Divinely speaking, you all have the capacity to imagine. But, if another joins you in that imagination, now it is not imagination; but misperception. And the bonding between the two of you in the mutual agreement as to the reality of that misperception is what constitutes a special relationship. You think that a special relationship is a word that describes every relationship you have and, especially, the most important ones to you, the ones with your husbands or wives or children. The special relationship is the mutual agreement to treat a daydream as though it were real and as though Reality were not going on at all.  

Now, I picked the subject the end of an “ancient journey” because that is what Waking up is, and that is what the end of a special relationship is. I want to be very, very clear on something. The end of relationships with each other is not the embodiment of a holy relationship, is not the end of a special relationship. 

Be wise because the ego will suggest to you that you are in a special relationship and you must get out, and that will be representative of your spiritual growth. The fundamental basis of the ego is to not be in relationship at all but to be independent, separate. “But Father, I’d rather do it myself. But Mother, I’d rather do it my way. I’d rather see things the way I want to see them.” It is a withdrawal from relationship.

I’ve said before that relationships are the crucible of Awakening. Why, and especially committed ones? Because that is where the greatest opportunity is to let down your defenses and be present with. How can you join if you are not present with? Value your relationships. And know that it is not a teaching, and it is not a language, it isn’t verbiage that exalts a relationship; it’s love—the willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and everything. Relationships are essential to Awakening. They are essential to joining—are they not?—and yielding up the false sense of self-satisfying separateness. 

Now, you are here. You seem to be listening to me. And you are at this conference, and you seem to be listening to a marvelous banquet of spiritual expressions of Truth. But all of you are listening to what you are seeing with or listening with.  And, if you are listening with insight, you hear that which is insightful and, if you listen with defense, you hear that which justifies your sense of separateness. So, are you really listening to me, or are you listening to what you are listening with? And, if you are listening to what you are listening with, are you not in a process of finding yourself in your world?  

And so, can there really be those who are more enlightened than you or more worthy of listening to than you? If you are hearing anything of value from them, it means you are listening from that place of value and are hearing yourself and discovering the Oneness of that which seemed to be separate.  

I’m going to give you another way to think of “the journey without distance.” It happens that this statement comes from Christian Science literature, but Truth is Truth no matter where it appears. “You are neither behind the point of perfection, nor advancing towards it. You are at that point, and must understand yourself there from.”  

This “ancient journey” is a journey that has happened while you have been the Christ—the direct Expression of God. And it has happened smack dab in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven because you, as the Son or Daughter of God, and the Kingdom of Heaven are the only things that are Real and truly available to be experienced.  

And so, the journey has been a dream—fantasy—experienced right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven and has constituted an ignoring of the Kingdom of Heaven and the energizing of a different perception of the Kingdom of Heaven that you and someone else have agreed upon so that you might have the experience of a different point of view from the Father’s point of view. Which really means a point of view different from what feels like Home to you. A point of view different from you feeling the congruence of you. And you cannot have that different kind of feeling without, what I call, “garbage truck bells.” 

When a garbage truck is backing up and there is greater danger, there are bells that ring. And so, if you are going to indulge in a limited perception of the Kingdom of Heaven, which constitutes insanity, there will be bells. There will be what you will call fear because it is not natural to you. And it is really initially not fear; it is just a warning bell that says, “Don’t linger too long in this limited perception. Get back Home.” Fear is not a punishment any more than the bell says something is wrong with this truck. It just means be alert because there is not enough clear vision for you to be safe. Truly.

And so, there is no penalty for having a partial private view that is handed down by God.  It’s just that, when you are out of sync with your Self or what you divinely Are, you are going to feel the uncomfortableness of not being in your natural place.

Now, if the only thing confronting you here and now and during this whole weekend is the Kingdom of Heaven and God’s Truth—because there truly isn’t anything else Real happening—then, if you are willing to look at it with curiosity, to know God’s Truth, and if you even grasp a little bit the fact that the truth that you see is the truth that you are willing to listen with, and, therefore, it is a conscious experience of unity and perfect equality, then you provide yourself with the greatest opportunity for your perception to be cleared.  

And the likelihood is that you will go home beaming with great joy and great news for everyone else about how marvelous this workshop or this conference was. And what I want is for you to go home and not neglect to be aware that it was the wonderfulness of what you chose to listen with—it was the wonderfulness of you—that you are so happy to share with everyone else. And, if you get that idea, if it registers with you deeply, you may well go home and say, “You know, the conference itself was so-so, but my perception of it was marvelous. [Laughter] And I learned something. I learned to look with better eyes. And that’s the good news I have to share with all of you.” I do not mean I, Raj, have this news, you, when you go back home, have this good news to share with everyone else. Learn to look with new eyes. 

Learn to abandon the confidences you have in what the meaning of everything is because, at the present time, they are definitions you have arrived at without having asked God what the meaning is, without saying, “What is God’s point of view here?” God’s point of view is your point of view, truly.

Now, the ego is a defense mechanism—nothing else. And it is superb as a defense mechanism. Don’t think that you can use the principles of the Course to overcome the ego. You can’t. But what is the one thing that the ego can’t defend itself against? Disregard.  

So, how do you get off the wheel of history? How do you truly consciously experience the end of an “ancient journey” that was not a journey at all because you never left Home? You do it by turning your attention to some other source than your conditioned thinking. You join with the Holy Spirit. You join with the Father. You join with me. You reach out with curiosity.  

The ego will be most happy if you will just stay in your nice little cell and be happy. [Light laughter] The way you disengage from the ego is by reaching out to that which is different from it and neglecting the ego. And because you have, for so long it seems, been incarcerated within the limits of the ego, it seems as though you are reaching out to something beyond yourself. And that doesn’t seem to be such a wise thing. And the ego will say, “Be careful, you’re giving your power away.” It will use psychology against you. But there is no way, at the moment, for the reaching out to seem to be different from reaching out to that which is beyond you because you are, at the moment, by definition, a circumscribed limited entity. That’s the ego’s perception, which you seem to believe is true of you. And that’s why trust is the fundamental point because you must dare to trust.

What most of you think trust is, is confidence—something that you have confidence in. Confidence will not get you to [Snaps fingers] Wake up because it will always be confidence in something you are already familiar with. Trust takes you beyond what you are familiar with. And, therefore, it will always be trust into the unknown. What you already know keeps you bound.

Now, what is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is your divinity held in trust while you dally with the ego. [Murmurs, laughter] Therefore, when you are reaching out beyond the limits of the ego, when you are trusting into the unknown, when you are turning everything over to the Holy Spirit so that it may turn your experience to your advantage, you are reaching out to and joining with that disowned part of you—the rest of the infinity of you—that you temporarily ignored while you had the exciting, thrilling, fearful experience of limitation. [Laughter] It is important to understand this because it will reduce your fear. It will reduce the degree to which the ego can try to scare you out of Waking up.  

This is how you come to the end of the “ancient journey.” Some of you considered the or contemplated the title of this conference gathering and discovered that the word “ancient” has warm, meaningful connotations as though that which is ancient might be closer to the truth, that which is ancient is that which has endured and, therefore, must have substance to it. Don’t value the ancient.  

It isn’t the end of an “ancient journey;” it’s the end of a journey of ancientness. And what I mean by that is that, when you sacrifice the infinite view—God’s point of view, which is your Birthright to be experiencing—when you sacrifice the infinite view, infinity immediately gets stretched out on a line—past to future—and immediately there is history. Immediately omnipresence becomes ancientness and infinite unending potential. 

But it’s a perception, a misperception of infinity—your capacity to be conscious wholly without limit of any kind—and to consciously experience the infinite Movement of God as the Movement of You, not a little ego experiencing this infinite movement, but the You that you truly Are, experiencing your Birthright to have the Mind of God, you might say. 

God Self-Expressed is not man. God Self-Expressed is God, and, if you want to call it man and woman and tree and birds and grass, et cetera, fine. But don’t get too hung up on the words you use to define it. The infinite manifestation of God is GOD Expressed not a different presence from the Father. And, if God is the infinite  Intelligence, the infinite Mind, and the Father has withheld nothing of what He is from His Self-Expression called You, then you must be that infinite Mind. That infinite awareness must be your natural conscious experience of being conscious. Indeed, you are not a body; you are Mind in which all conscious experience of form is going on. When you identify with a form, you lose your infinite perspective, and it seems to be material, not of God, capable of dying, et cetera.  

I will tell you something to set the record straight: When you Wake up, everything will not disappear. Your limited perception of it will be gone, and you will see it as it is, and you will not seem to be in the middle of it or inside it. You will also not be preoccupied with it because, as that conscious awareness or Mind that is the Presence of God’s Mind, you, your attention, your experience of your aliveness, your vitality, et cetera will be inseparable from the conscious experience of the Movement of Creation.  

People talk about being co-creators with God. Co-hyphen-creator implies two things cooperating, and that is not what it will be. You will, by virtue of not claiming the right to your own private mind, find yourself to be the conscious experience of the Movement of Mind that is God Being Creation. And the experience of that will be where your attention will be—not on the specifics, not on the visibility and tangibility of that creation. Where you give your attention will be different, but everything will still be present except for the misperception of it.

Now, I am able to be conscious right here in this room without sacrificing my infinite awareness of every aspect of the Movement of God, which is infinite. Divine awareness is specific and universal simultaneously, and there is no way to explain that. But that will be your experience.  

In order to get to that experience, you must begin to value where you are, and you must begin to value each other, and you must not see the Course as that which helps you rise above such mundane things as human relationships. There isn’t a single human being in this room. You are all Christs. You are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it.  

So, let go of the ethic of progress, and begin to, as you go through the rest of this conference, see with fresh eyes, see with curiosity. “Nothing that I see means anything,” means, “Nothing that I see means what I think it means. And so, I’m going to go through this conference with curiosity to discover the truer meaning as it was set into motion, as it is being set into motion by the Movement of God.”   

Now, peace, when you allow yourself into it by going into your closet and praying unto the Father which is in secret, which is in the silence, as I said yesterday, does not give you an alternate experience, an alternative to anxiety. It is not just another arena of emotion. It is a direct experience of your Being, of your Self, your Being.  It is a direct experience of God, and you cannot avoid being aware of the oneness of you and the Father. And, when you allow yourself to experience this peace, the fact is that you will generally find a happier dream occurring. You are likely not to find the resistance that I did or seemed to. But more important than that is that you have allowed yourself into a new order of conscious experience in which you may have the opportunity to get to know yourself more truly. And, in choosing for that truer experience of who you Are, you get closer to the little gap. That place where all control is lost, and where you can easily slip through into your conscious experience of having a will that is not separate from the Father—and Wake up. 

Curiosity is the active means by which you abandon your confidence in what you think a thing is. And when you abandon what you think a thing is, you are neglecting the ego. In being neglected and having no occasion for defense because it is not being attacked, your connection with the disowned part of you, called the Holy Spirit, can occur [snaps fingers] spontaneously. 

Don’t be curious about the here-after, be curious about the here-and-now because here-and-now is where the opportunity to Wake up exists because it is the Kingdom of Heaven, and you are the Christ.

The end of an “ancient journey” is over because it never began, and that is why it is a “journey without distance.”

It is good to be with you. I am going to say, it is good to be with you, knowing that you know I’m with you. [Laughter] And, indeed, I am always with you. You hear what you are listening with. Listen with new ears and with an expectation of an answer. And that is the way you abandon the ego and end the journey. Okay.  

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