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Random quote: "either your teaching what causes sudden shifts of perception to occur... healing..... or you are doing what inhibits sudden shifts of perception. you are doing one or the other.... own it. you are teaching one or the other... fully........with commitment.. aggressively. you are either teaching that which unifies.,.. or that which divides...... and you are teaching it with the power of the Christ that you are." ~ Raj.
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Anybody have the origin of this Raj statement?
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Posted 2019-11-09 2:08 PM (#232713 - in reply to #232703)
Subject: Hi William. Here are two references I highlighted from the Charlotte, NC 1992 gathering


Excerpt from Raj Gathering, Charlotte, NC 1992

QUESTION:  In your book, “Science and Health,” we are taught as students of Christian Science, that “The man that I see is the man that I am.”  I have attempted to express this in all of my understandings of the people around me.  And I think, in my immaturity, what I have done is that I have come across a stumbling block where in the Bible it says, “do not cast your pearls before swine,” and then your teaching to the disciples to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and then “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.”  How do I know the swine from the neighbor?  And what do I do with the swine?

RAJ:  Part of your difficulty—which is not because you are truly confused—comes from the fact that in some ways you practice the misquote that you just made.  The statement does not say, “Love your fellow man and then love God.”  It says “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind and soul, AND your neighbor as yourself.”  Now, that order is very important.  And, indeed, when you take the time to become still and to go within and pray to the Father, meaning abide with the Father, in secret, in the silence of your Being, where there is no ego chatter going on.  When you go within, a most wonderful thing happens, you begin to experience the presence of God.  But, you also find that you are not separate from that experience.  In fact, it becomes difficult to know what of the experience is God, and what of it is you.  Because the sense of there being an experiencer of the presence of God, begins to disappear and yet your experience of identity is unaltered.  As you have this experience of God in the silence of your Being and you begin to realize that you are directly connected with your Self, which is inseparable from the Father, a whole new Self awareness begins to emerge.

Now, this does not happen overnight or in the course of one meditation or one period of being silent.  But, as you do this regularly and that centered place within you where there is no chatter of the mind is being experienced, you have the opportunity to become more and more familiar with the nature of your Being.  First of all, the peace that you are experiencing is not just an alternate to tension.  The peace you are experiencing is itself the very nature of your Being and constitutes a direct experience of your Being.  It’s more than just absence of tension.  Now, as you begin to be open and let the experience disclose to you the nature of You, realization occurs.  And, part and parcel of the realization is, my God, this is true of everybody, because I know I am not special.  And, you see, when that happens, your behavior toward your fellow man will change.

The second part of the commandment is spontaneous when the first part is practiced.  You cannot help but love your fellow man as yourself when you have the clearer experience of yourself, by virtue of having set aside your conditioned, reactive, surface level ego thinking and moved into the silence of your Being.  

Now, unfortunately, the statement that you are seeing who you are, is very often taken as an indictment against you and everyone indulges in this.  Everyone looks at the half-empty glass instead of the half-full glass.  To recognize that you are seeing in your fellow man only as much of your own Divinity as you are able to see about yourself, has one value and one value only.  And that is, that you will not convict your fellow man based on your perception of him and you will attend to what needs to be attended to.  Which is, filling the glass up a little bit fuller.  

The purpose is not to indict yourself, convict yourself, and then pay the penalty, in the name of righteousness and truth.  There is no need for martyrs.  You learned that you were the child of God, that you were the infinite manifestation of infinite Mind.  But, one of the things that does not generally get brought into the foreground, is the statement that “All is Mind, from the rolling of worlds in the most subtle ether, to a potato patch.”  And, generally speaking, the same error is made in the interpretation of Christian Science that is beginning to be made relative to “A Course In Miracles”.  And that is an unwillingness to acknowledge that “All is Mind or God, from the rolling of worlds in the most subtle ether, to a potato patch.”  And the world is being treated as a pure illusion, that has no element of Truth to it, whatsoever.  But there cannot be a pure illusion.  There can only be a distorted perception of that which is Real.  I will say, a distorted perception of a potato patch that says, “it’s nothing but clods of dirt and a vegetable that is needed for sustenance for an obviously not eternal entity.”

Now, how are you going to find the Christ in the swine that’s standing in front of you?  How are you going to find the Christ in the swine that’s looking at the person in front of you?

QUESTION:  How do you know he’s a swine?

RAJ:  Indeed, you may count on one thing, until you are totally Awake, you are experiencing everything in a limited way; yourself, your world, your fellow man.  Now, that fact has been expressed by me as a form of insanity.  And, indeed, you can take that which must be treated as a truth, as an indictment against you.  But if you have written two plus two equals five and I do not come to you and say, “Five is not the correct answer,” you will not look further, you will not recheck your calculation.  And so, you must know that five is not the right answer.  Why?  Because there must be a right answer.  And once you know that five is not it, your curiosity will be brought into play again and the door will open for clarification.

And so, we may use whatever negative words you can imagine to describe yourself or the one who is standing in front of you.  Because, indeed, you cannot look at your fellow man and see the undistorted Christ there, if you are not experiencing the undistorted Christ of yourself.  But that simply means, become curious to experience the Christ that you Are.  

Every single one of you has simply been talked into a false sense of identity, as something less than my equal, something less than my brother, something that is not worthy to eat even the crumbs that fall from God’s table.  This is crap.  It is expressive of the maliciousness of the ego, or what Mary Baker Eddy referred to as “malicious animal magnetism”—a magnetic or hypnotic coercion of the mind to believe that which is not true, as though it were true, which establishes a state of insanity and calls it normal.

Now, here is the answer, and I said it earlier.  There is only one thing that confronts you, that is the presence of God, called the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Movement of Creation.  Now, it doesn’t really matter why it is you are looking at it and saying, “It’s just Charlotte” or “It’s just me, a human being.”  This isn’t just Charlotte.  But, you know what, somebody needs to come along and say to you, “Is this Heaven?”—as in the movie “Field of Dreams.”  So that there is something in you that triggers a willingness to say, “Maybe it isn’t just Charlotte.  Maybe I’m not just a mortal.  Maybe I’m not just a sinner.  Maybe I’m not just an organism that sprang out of chaos by chance.”  It doesn’t matter how it is you arrived at a false definition.  This is very important.  It does not matter how it is that you have arrived at a false definition of everything.  What matters is the awareness that it is a false definition of something Real.  Because, as long as that fact is relatively clear in your mind, you cannot help but experience curiosity to see what it really is and to let out the “stops,” so to speak.

What is it that keeps you finite?  What is it that keeps you limited?  It is your unwillingness to conceive of the possibility that Reality is what is confronting you.  That there is more confronting you than you are embracing.  That, indeed, at this very moment you may very well be as immortal and divine as I am, without one single bit of difference.  That, indeed, the Totality of what You Are may be absolutely present at this instant, even if you are so preoccupied with the human condition that you aren’t noticing it.  And that, indeed, you don’t have some ladder to climb, to achieve it.  You simply have to become curious enough to open up to it.  That’s the way you get to the Christ of You, and, thereby, to the Christ of your fellow man that, indeed, evidences itself as healing.

Now, when “Science and Health” was being dictated, if you will, and, indeed, Mrs. Eddy spoke of herself as a scribe under orders—although it has not been interpreted in the way I am speaking of it at the moment.  When it was being dictated, it necessarily had to be given in the third person and so there is a statement, “Jesus beheld in science,” meaning the undistorted perception of Reality—Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, where sinning mortal man appeared.  To whom?  To mortals—to those looking through the lens of the ego.  And this correct view of man, healed the sick.  

Indeed, Waking up is a matter of letting go of the false conditioning that constitutes a belief system that distorts your perception of the only thing there is to experience, which is the omnipresence of God being all there is of you and everything else.

Now, for those who may end up listening to the tapes of this particular workshop, you may find a repetition, but it is essential.  You must understand that you are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing towards it.  You are at that point, and you must understand yourself therefrom.  

Now, this is a modification of a statement from Science and Health.  It states for today more clearly the real meaning.  The absolutely necessary element of your awakening comes out of your willingness to conceive the possibility that you are not struggling your way up some ladder.  That you are not in a process of moving lifetime after lifetime through a process of refining your soul, so that you might become worthy of remembering who you Are or become worthy of God by his Grace, blessing you.  You must understand that what you are experiencing now is Reality, although seen through a glass, darkly.  And, you are already and only, the direct expression of the Father and, therefore, the Christ, whether you are experiencing it through a mind, darkly.  And, that you are, indeed, like a person sleeping on a bed, having a dream, seeming to suffer the constraints of an imagination of the dream, and needing only to somehow wrench yourself out of the dream, so that you might find you were never in it.  And what was going on never happened, because the Real You was asleep on the bed, in a room, in a house, in a city on this planet, etc.  

As I’ve said before, all of you are in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven with your eyes all squinched up saying, “I cannot see the perfection.”  And then the ego would have you improve the imperfect, instead of open your eyes and acknowledge what is already the fact—your Divinity and Reality are already the fact.  And, the element that helps get you out of the dream is Love—the willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and everything, in each and every one, yourself included.  That is how you get past the one that your present perception defines as a swine standing in front of you.  

I have a little more to say but we are going to break at this point.

RAJ:  Now, there are just a couple of things I wish to say in addition to what I have already said.  I said that the answer was Love.  What I want all of you to understand is that being the presence of Love does not require you to abandon being intelligent.  That may sound like an obvious statement, but in practice, many of you in your attempt to be unconditionally loving, abandon intelligence and remain in a situation where you are being abused, in the name of love, in the name of being there for another for purposes of his healing.  

I think that you all ought to be just as wise as a nurse who, if he or she is confronted with a patient who is wild, does not say, “that’s all right sweetheart.  I don’t mind that you just gave me a bloody nose or cracked a rib.”  No.  The patient is restrained with straps, so that in the presence of the restraint, reason might be able to be reintroduced.  

Now, simply be aware that in your process of awakening, in your process of spiritual growth, you will not at any point be required to sacrifice your intelligence.  And until your current common sense is replaced with a new level of common sense, which still expresses ultimate intelligence, do not let go of your current level of common sense.  

Love is the willingness to recognize that which is Real and honor it, and no longer honor that which isn’t real.  Now, as I said, until you are awake, you are utilizing a limited sense of yourself and a limited sense of whoever is confronting you.  And so, in order to move through the current illusory perceptions, one must relate to one’s fellow man or woman with a constant willingness to listen more deeply than the level of appearances or the level of conditioned thinking.  Because, indeed, sometimes that swineish element that needs to be seen through, will be presented by your fellow man and at other times it will be presented as you, and you will need the guidance to get beyond both.  

I have said before, that relationships are the crucible of awakening.  They are that in which what is non-essential is separated from that which is.  And the only thing that is nonessential is that which is imaginary—not real.  But, as you go through this process of relating to another and being stretched, if you will, by the relationship—listen and at the same time be unwilling to sacrifice intelligence.  Then, you will not end up being used or abused and you will not involuntarily join with another at the level of illusion and substantiate it.  This is very important.  Waking up does not put you at the mercy of illusion.  It is down to earth.  It is practical.  It will relate to where you are, because where you are is the Kingdom of Heaven.  And, to watch your material world and universe—as you currently define it—be translated into the spiritual original that it is and always has been, will occur and can occur only when you are paying attention where Reality is going on.  

So your spiritual path will be relevant to everything you are already aware of.  Your past experience of being aware of where you are, seems to have gotten you stuck in where you are, but only because you didn’t realize there was something else to be seen beside your current definition of where you are.  

Start looking for God right here and right in your fellow man and right in you.  And be curious.  And, the fact is you will begin to say “no” where “no” needs to be said.  And you will begin to say “yes” where “yes” needs to be said.  And, the “no’s” and the “yes’s” will not always come in the places that your former mindset thought they ought to be.  But in order not to become confused as those shifts occur, you need to listen and to trust, as I said earlier, that everything will conspire to uncover to you your Divinity.  Everything will conspire to reveal your fulfillment of purpose according to God’s measure of fulfillment of purpose.  

                         . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

QUESTION:  My question involves the Course and the fact that it tells us to teach.  And I have trouble finding the words to teach with.  

RAJ:  Good!  (Laughter)  I am going to give you a phrase to use as a guideline:  Teach by Being.  Teach by Being.  Feel.  Feel the Meaning.  And in feeling it, you will find words to express, because you will know what the words are supposed to address.

The point is to be in touch with the experience before you try to put words to it.  You cannot just be “a teacher,” because then you’ll ask, “what does a teacher do?  What is a teacher supposed to do?”  And you will try to approach it through your reasoning and your thinking and you might even get out some books to find out what, historically speaking, teachers did to fulfill their role, with descriptions of what qualifies a teacher, etc.  What qualifies you to teach the Course, what qualifies you to teach Love, is to feel it and express what you are feeling.  And it has very little to do with thinking or fulfilling a concept or a role.  

You want to know something?  You already teach by Being, but you also are laboring under the idea that perhaps you ought to learn more about teaching techniques.  Because you care so much about the Course that you want to teach it well.  The only thing that will qualify you to teach it, is to feel it.  And the only way to feel it, is to be open to its meaning yourself.  And then do the very simple thing of conveying what you feel.  And already when you do that it is most meaningful to those with whom you are working, or with whom you are sharing.

Don’t take something so utterly simple and make it complicated.  And keep up the good work.  

RAJ:  You have welcomed us to Charlotte and I welcome you to the Kingdom of Heaven.  But I want it clearly understood that they are both in the same place.  Before we begin this morning, I want all of you to know that there are at least twice as many individualities in this room as there appear to be.  Because your guides, your guardian angel, is with you wherever you are.  The illumination in this room is infinite.  The light of the Mind of your guides and the light of the Mind of you is, I will say, ultra-radiant.  And I say this to you, so that we might begin the day with at least the clear idea that, even though it looks like you are in Charlotte, you are in the Kingdom of Heaven.  And you are the Divine one that you Are and always have been.  And not only that, you are companioned with by those who are consciously aware of their Divinity.  Those whose task it is, if I may put it that way, those whose pleasure it is to stand with you constantly, to serve you in your Awakening.  To serve you in support of and in substantiation of your Divinity, as you begin to consciously reach out for a direct experience of it.  And so this is a marvelous company that you and we constitute.  It is very important for you to know that you are not alone.

Why?  Not to protect you.  Not to keep you safe.  But because your ego centered sense of self is insistent upon being, not only separate, but competent in that separateness.  And the great need is for that sense of separateness to be abandoned, in favor of “being with.”  In favor of companionship.  In favor of being joined.  Because it is in the act of joining that you slip over the little gap or slip through the little gap that constitutes the artificial sense of separation and allows you to remember who you Are.  This is why relationships are the crucible of Awakening.  Because it is in relationship, rather than in isolation, that the opportunity to remember Home is available to you.  

So, you understand that you are primed for waking up and all the elements, all the ingredients are present.  And they are always present.  This is not a special morning.  We embrace you and you embrace us, whether you are aware of it or not, because we are one.  And we rejoice with you this morning.

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