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Posting a reply to: October 22, 2005 Online Gathering, Second Half

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Posted 2005-10-30 7:23 AM (#62841)
Subject: October 22, 2005 Online Gathering, Second Half
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Location: New York

This is posted in two parts because the website can't post the whole thing at once.  It is quite wonderful, and covers Everything.

Transcribed with Love and Care

October 22, 2005 ©NWFFACIM


Second half


CHRIS.  The next question is from … Reverend … Donna?


ANSWER.  Reverend?


CHRIS.  Donna.  The name is Rev Donna, so I’m not sure.


What do I need to know?


ANSWER.    … What you need to know is that your question needs to relate to a need you’re experiencing.  And so I will ask you to contemplate that, and repost a question … because always what you need to know is going to be relevant to a need you have.  Let’s address that.  Okay.


CHRIS.  The next question is from Anita.  Dear Raj and Paul.  I really don’t want to leave my partner, but I feel I have to.  Our relationship seems to have become really restricted these days.  I feel I am the only who is giving nourishment and support to it; wanting to see it grow and flourish.  One problem: he has no interest in making love any more, not for a long time – and wants to avoid the issue altogether.  I have failed to help him out of his defense.  Is there anything else I can do?


What is our purpose together?  What is the purpose of lovemaking?  If I really have to leave, how will I find another home?  How can I get beyond these issues.  Thanks for Your Love and Support.  You have helped me so much.


ANSWER.  Well, first of all, you put everything you can into the relationship you have. …  You don’t want to be … constantly harping on … the problem.  In other words, you don’t want your relationship to be filled with the discussing of the problem, and let’s say, how impossible it is.  What you want to be discussing … is the steps that can be taken to resolution.  What steps can the two of you take to resolve the issue, so that there is more satisfaction and more pleasure and more fullness?


You will have to become very clear that you need things to change, but you also need to draw his attention toward steps toward steps that can be taken to bring about the changes.  Counseling, for example.  And you push for the taking of the steps that move toward the solution.


If you just say constantly, in many different ways: ‘This is impossible.  I can’t stand this.  Things aren’t working.’ – blah, blah, blah – all it does is magnify … the stuckness.   Let your energy and attention and interest lie in … moving toward a solution. …


You will find yourself experiencing more motivation, and what I’m going to call more confidence, … when you are solution-oriented rather than problem-oriented. … Maybe you will need to … get some counseling; not in the sense of … getting your mind straightened out, but in terms of talking with someone who can inspire you by talking with you in terms of solutions, so that you have more to bring to your husband.


But the key will lie in … reorienting your attention, together with your husband’s, towards solutions and the taking of steps to arrive at solutions … – and to do this before … there’s any talk about separation or dissolving the relationship.  All too often, these days, individuals in relationships … in their frustration, say: ‘This isn’t working.  I’m leaving.’  Or: ‘This isn’t working.  Get out.’  And the reason they’re frustrated is because their mind has not been directed toward solutions.  It has been fixed on how bad things are.  You can’t be an agent for change in that mentality.  And … the reason … that so many rash–relationships fall apart is because everybody is getting hung upstuck on … the problem. …


Someone in the relationship needs to be like a teacher – or a mentor. – Let’s … let’s use the word ‘mentor’.  A child or a young person … has come to a stuck place.  What he needs is somebody he can talk to who sees beyond the stuck place, who can say: ‘Hey, don’t give up.  Here’s what comes next.  And it means you’re going to have to do something that I see you don’t think you’re capable of, but I promise you that you are capable of it.’  You see?


And … so … that will lead to change and growth, and more fulfillment. …  But if this person – this young person says: ‘I just can’t grasp math.’ – and he talks to somebody that says: ‘You’re right!  You will never get it.  You just don’t have what it takes.’  You see?


Everybody’s stuck with … the problem, … when the problem is always just … the leading edge of a breakthrough, a solution.


So … be solution-oriented.  Let your conversation deal with solutions, and how to go about taking steps that will bring your relationship into the kind of fullness you both deserve. … That’s your first step. 


And don’t … barb it by saying: ‘Here are all these things we can do, but if you choose not to do it, I’ll have to leave.’  You see?  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Don’t let … it become a point of leverage.  Your faith needs to be … in the solution, and in … persisting with the steps that lead toward …the solution, so that resolution actually occurs.  And you don’t keep an ace up your sleeve that says: ‘And if you don’t do it, I’ll have to leave you.’  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Nope.  You’ve got the picture.  Okay.


CHRIS. The next question is from Gerald.  Am I being appropriate with my work?


ANSWER.  … Yes, and you know that you are. … Abide with that, and be at peace.  Okay.


CHRIS.  Carrie asks: What do I need to know about my mother’s illness?


ANSWER.      … That it’s a result of a lack of vision … – Vision with a capital V. …   You see, she thinks she’s governed by the laws of matter.  She thinks her body is governed by the laws of matter. … She thinks she’s something different from her body, in the sense that was brought out earlier of it being a … a vehicle that you drive temporarily until you trade it in for a newer model.  And so she’s not been in the habit of challenging … illness, or challenging the normal processes of matter, and finding that in challenging them, they disappear, and there’s healing.           


Now, … I’m going to encourage you – when you consider her – … to ask the Holy Spirit – shall I say her Holy Spirit, – that which is nothing … more than her Right Mind – to bless her with the Grace of remembering that she’s an invulnerable Child of God. 


I’m going to invite you to … ask the Holy Spirit … to Grace her with healing. 


It’s the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.  It’s the Father’s good pleasure to give your mother … the full experience of What She Divinely Is. …  Hold her … in that Awareness, {End file B. Begin file C.} … but remember that you cannot force her to see anything or learn anything. 


You leave the means up to the Holy Spirit that you are asking help from. …


I want you to remember … that in spite of whatever her belief system is, … she is … still the Presence of God.  She is still Divine.  And the remembrance of What Is True About Her is – I’m going to say – embedded in her … – never to be lost – and that It is there waiting for her to rediscover, to re-embrace. …  And then I ask you to pray – to desire for that [finger snap] light bulb going on – that aha! – to occur in her –– because It’s already there to be illuminated.


… I can’t talk to you about her illness because there would have to be something real there to talk about.  You see?  That’s like talking about the problem, and I have responded by talking about the solution.  Never make the problem real by getting a better understanding of the problem. … Okay. 


CHRIS.  The next question is from Cathy.  A few times when I have meditated in the past, and once in a lucid dream, I heard a stern, loud voice call or talk to me.  Was that You, Raj?  I was startled by the intensity of the Voice.  What is that all about?  Thank You.


ANSWER.  Well, it was not Me.  It was your Guide.  And what you call the intensity of the Voice is really … that when your Guide speaks, … there’s no indecision.  There’s no distraction. His full Attention … is focused, you might say, or embodied – in the communication.  Wh- when you speak to others, and you’re not sure of yourself, or you’re not sure of the information, or you lack confidence, your voice does not carry the weight, as it were, that it would if you felt confident, if you were well-versed in what you were talking about – if you had had a lot of experience with it.   And in a sense, your voice, – from that vantage point – would be clearer, … louder, … more easily apprehended by those listening to you.


Singleness of Purpose – Singleness of Intention – is communicated, whether you’re using a soft voice or not.   And so you were experiencing intensity that amounts to … your Guide’s devotion to what He’s saying. … It was a good experience.  Invite It.  Invite It.  Invite It again.  Persist.  Yes.  Okay. 


CHRIS.  The next question is from Craig.  Raj, my divorce is underway, and headed for court, which I tried very hard to avoid.  I feel like my ass is definitely on the line.  My questions are this: Am I moving through this as you advised me before? What am I being asked to learn, or release?  Am I doing so?  Are my sons okay?  Thanks Raj.


ANSWER.  Everything is – as they say in England – spot on!


What are you learning?  Well, as mentioned to someone else, you’re learning of your strength.  You’re learning … not to be … an innocent victim.  You’re learning to recognize that there’s a difference between what is Principled and what is not.  And the difference is not a matter of opinion. …


I know the ego would love for you to think your ass is on the line. … But, you know what?  You can’t lose your ass, no matter how threatened … you might seem to be. (chuckling) You will keep it with you, entirely. …  Be willing to stand up for yourself, all the way to the end of this process.  … …


When I say stand up for yourself, I don’t mean that in any way that could be taken egotistically.  To stand up for yourself means … to not violate your Integrity.  It means that you will not voluntarily override your Integrity.  And it also means that if others demand of you that you override your Integrity, you tell them “No!” so that you remained 2:50 s– you remain singularly clear, within yourself.  And you don’t confuse it by abandoning your Integrity … for any reason.


So, you follow through, one footstep at a time, whether it is comfortable or not.  And it will bring you to a new level of comfort.  And what frightened you before will no longer frighten you in the future. …  And you will have grown, and you will be able to be more honest.  In other words you will be able to present yourself more honestly with less fear, which means there’s going to be more Peace … … and more of an experience of equilibrium – just … because.  Just there. …


That some effort has to be put forth … in the process of growth is never a sign that you’re on the wrong track.  Being on the right track does not mean you will not have to put forth effort – that everything will just flow effortlessly.  No.  Sometimes, … most of the time, … growth is causing you to enlarge your borders – to embrace a greater and fuller sense, or experience of Who and What You Are.  And that is going to override old, … inhibiting habits.  And you have to apply a little bit of … effort, to move beyond your old habits. … Again … I cannot fault what is happening at all.  Stick with it, right through to the end.  Okay. 


Actually we’re going to take another 15 minute break.  Be ready in 15 minutes. 10:44:1





Okay let’s take a moment to be quiet together.


Quiet Time




CHRIS.  Our next question is from Reverend Donna.  What do I need to know about smoking?  What do I need to know about what I should be doing?  I need to see healing on the physical level, which I know is Spirit.  Thank you.


ANSWER.    Well, first of all, let’s remember that all Substance is Spirit, … which means that the Energy … is … for lack of better words: Intelligence Embodied. … The Substance that is Spirit is actually Love.  What I’m leading up to here is the fact that … everything that you encounter whether it’s a cigarette or whether it is a … a flower … is … the embodiment of Intelligence.  The Energy  – constituting the pattern that you recognize as these things … is Spirit, … and is therefore, Love. 


What this means is then that the cigarettes don’t stand in opposition to you, but in alignment with you.  And if you … come to a point of decision within yourself that you … want to stop smoking, it’s not going to be a contest.  Most people conceive of it as a contest, and their decision … equals their experience.  But the fact is – if I may put it this way – your decision to quit smoking will cause you to be met with – for lack of better words – a willingness on the part of the cigarettes to disengage from you.  They will work with you because the Substance is the only Substance there is, which is Spirit – which is Love.


Don’t see the cigarettes as oppositional, and you will not engage a contest.


I simply want you to understand that an actual decision, on your part, not to smoke anymore will be met with cooperation … on the part of the cigarettes.  They’re not interested in holding you hostage, and never have.  Your dedication to them has … given you … the experience of … what you call a habit.  The habit is as strong as your decision was to be devoted to them.  So, take this in and abide with it.  And understand that there does not need to be any struggle.  14:56


Now we have talked about body and we have talked about healing, … somewhat extensively today, and … I really have covered … the Truth about it that answers your question about healing.


What I just said about the cigarettes applies equally to your body. … Your body is more than willing to cooperate with your intent to see it as your ally – as the Visibility and Tangibility of your Individuality, which is Perfectly Divine.  Its Intent is to Identify your presence perfectly; which, as I’ve said before, means that It is Intent– Its Intent is to Identify God, Presence-ing Himself right there where you are, Perfectly. … So … It is going to reflect back to you as much of your Perfection as you can justify letting in.  It is eager to identify God Perfectly and for you to have the Conscious Experience of that Perfection as you.


The ego sees everything in conflicted … and polarized terms, which means that anything that happens always happens as a product of polarity. … Whether it’s electricity – whether it’s a battery – if an engine turns, it’s because … the turning of it is a product of polarity. … But polarity isn’t the way Reality Functions. 


Your body has the Intent – because It is … a complex … combination of Energy Patterns – the Energy Be-ing Spirit/Love, … … which is incapable of being polarized, and therefore, at odds with itself – or of a polarized nature that can be at odds with you.  Embrace this fact.  Let It stand as the Fact – with a capital F – for you instead of the accumulated beliefs associated with matter and the way matter functions.  Bring God into your Conscious Awareness of your body.     


God is not there to plead with – to intercede on your behalf – to bring a body, a material body, into … health, into orderliness, even though it’s outside of God’s Creation.  … It’s very important, and as often as I need to share this, I will, as a reminder, so that all of you can begin to adopt a new frame of reference – a new mindset, – if you will – that is more closely in alignment with Reality.  So that you are introducing less and less dissonance by virtue of having an opposing, incorrect interpretation of body – that you then react to, and are afraid of. …


Okay.  Thank you for your question.


CHRIS.  The next question is from Freddie.  I Love my cat Daisy, but she has started meowing incessantly in the wee hours of the morning, near the apartment door, or sometimes in the bathrooms – or near the apartment door, or sometimes in the bathrooms.  She also has been throwing up her food two or three times a week. Is there anything I can know that will help the situation?




CHRIS.  Raj?




CHRIS.  May I respond?


ANSWER.       (laughing) You may.


CHRIS.  It won’t be enlightened or anything, but it’s just – I used to have cat – that had some of the same symptoms.  And … our cat ended up actually pulling all its hair out of its sides.  And we h– when we ended up taking our cat to the vet, luckily we had gotten it to them just in time; he had a bladder stone blocking … his system, so … it sounds a lot like it, and I’d … hate to miss the opportunity to share that.  Thank you.*


ANSWER.  I appreciate the love in your response.  And the fact is that my common sense answer to you was going to be that it– you simply need to take it to the vet.  Just moment. …  That is the end of the answer.


CHRIS.  The question is from Marcus, and I’m not gonna try to answer this one.  That was a joke.  Raj, you have spoken of an opportunity to move house, which has arisen.  At the time you said not to delay, and we have acted.  There are quite a few problems with the house,  and the vendor insists on a rather high price. In its present state, it wouldn’t be suitable to live there with our children.  Are we to sell the house in town?  Are we to use it as a center?  I have listened for Guidance, but I am still wondering what is the purpose of it all?


PAUL. … Would you read it one more time?  I’m– that’s me, Paul, asking.


CHRIS.  Raj, you have spoken of an opportunity to move house, which has arisen.  At the time you said not to delay, and we have acted.  There are quite a few problems with the house, and the vendor insists on a rather high price.  In its present state, it wouldn’t be suitable to live there with our children. Are we to sell the house in town?  Are we to use it as a center? I have listened for guidance but I am still wondering what is the purpose of it all?


ANSWER.        Yes.  Pursue the house, even though it will need to be – it will need to have work done on it.  Attend to having the work done.  And do not hold on to the house in town.


PAUL.  And this is me, Paul: the … the … the picture or the feel or the image is of- like a ball of light – meaning … your family. And it’s like – and your life activity, and so on – it’s like all of that moving to the new … house after the repairs are done, and having all of the energy there; not … not divided between the new house and the house in town.  So I just want to share the imagery.  That’s the end of the answer.


CHRIS.  The next question is from Dara. 


PAUL.  I’m sorry.


CHRIS.  The next question is from Dara.  Can you please talk to me about self worth, and how to develop self-awareness, beyond roles?


ANSWER.  Well I will tell you that the easiest way to get beyond roles is to pay attention to your needs, … (is) pay attention to how you feel.  Roles always require you to act outside of your Integrity. …  Roles are for others, not for yourself.  Roles are an act … that you engage in for approval, or respect.  As a result, all of you move through your day being artificial.  As a result, it is hard to come by … honest relationships.  It’s hard to come by interactions that have any substance to them, because everybody is busy, maintaining their image – their role.


Pay attention to your needs. … Don’t try to do what you can’t do… just because quote ‘you’re supposed to’ unquote.


I’ll tell you that all of you have a need to be out from Love.  When you are not acting out roles, and frustrated because the roles don’t express you clearly, … the emotion associated with it means– or causes everything you do to be – to some degree or another – an expression of anger, … which is not the Expression of Love.  And when you abandon the roles by paying attention to your needs so that you are attending to them rather than … what you’re supposed to do, you will find the anger disappearing, and you will find the Love that underlays every expression of yours – when it’s not being subverted or covered over by … artificiality – arising and overflowing from you and being extended to each other.  You’re not going to feel self worth until you’re letting Self out – until you stop covering It over with a mask. …


You know what?  You would think that the Expression of Self would have to be powerful, … forceful, declarative, … because you have been so oppressed by the roles you’ve been employing.  But the fact is that when you abandon roles – when you just give up on trying to be what quote ‘you’re supposed to be’ unquote … – there is Peace, and you find a gentleness to what’s left.


No powerfulness is called for.  Just the simplicity of genuineness. {End file D, begin file E}


No force has to be brought into play.  Just the honesty that comes – or the honesty that is present … when you’re not engaged in …the artificiality of roles.  And so life becomes simpler, and … the tension of … contests doesn’t come into play any more.  The simplicity of things means that you don’t take the bait, when it’s offered … for a tug-of-war. And so life becomes simpler and happier, … and your experience of Who You Are becomes unchallengeable, … and therefore, not in need of defense, not in need of maintaining.


… So, the key is to pay attention to yourself.  Pay attention to … your needs.  Take care of your needs whether you ought to have them or not, in everyone else’s eyes.  Your needs are pretty simple.  It’s the roles … that are complicated and take a lot of effort. … Pay attention to your needs and address them. …  Address them in the way that … is comfortable for you, that does not bring stress into play.     And realize that you’re not called upon to do more than that, … even though others may imply that you should be doing more than that. …


Your Worth is already … right there in you.  And when you’re no longer caught up in …  fulfilling roles, you’ll find that Worth, just sitting there.  And because It – because It will be what finds expression, It will bless everyone else.  And those who are not too happy about it because you’ve withdrawn from the game of artificiality, their distress will not bother you, because it will be apparent to you that that was all part of the game… that you literally don’t have to respond to.  You see?  Your need – one of your needs is not to have to respond … to nonsense.  And that’s what roles are.


‘Oh, well if I don’t fulfill my role, I won’t be being responsible.  If I don’t fulfill my role, well, others will not see me as respectable.


Well that’s false, … because when you’re not caught up with this false obligation, and the associated anger that is always present under the surface – because you’re not Be-ing yourself – in the absence of those, – you know what? – the Love that you are will find expression.  And what needs to be done will be done – not because you were supposed to do it, but because you’re in touch with your needs, and you attend to them.


And because you’re in touch with your needs, you’re also be– able to be in touch with the needs of your brothers and sisters.  And you can attend to them when it’s appropriate.  Not because you should, but because the need is obvious, and you have the Love to respond to it. … 


Abide with that.  Let it sink in.  And let it elaborate itself to you.  Okay.


CHRIS.  The next question is from DMTV (?) How does one learn to live with one’s own mortality?


ANSWER. (laughing)  That is an oxymoron isn’t it?  How do you live with your death?  … How do opposites … combine?


Well, you could ask:  How do you die with your mortality?  Well the answer is: You don’t.  Life is Eternal.  There is no mortality.  And whether you seem to have an experience of death or not, you don’t stop existing.  So you can’t die with your mortality, and you can’t live with your mortality. …


It’s time to shift gears.  It literally is time to shift gears. 


The actuality of death was demonstrated to be false by the Resurrection.  And it was demonstrated to be false for everyone. 


The question of living with your mortality was settled, once and for all, then.  But all of you are behaving as though the Resurrection never happened.


It’s time to– It’s time to come out of the old– dark ages.  It’s time to come out- out from B.C.  It’s time to live in A.R. – After Resurrection – and start claiming what has been demonstrated to already be True – of you: That Life is deathless, so that you will get on with the living of life, and recognize the subtle and not so subtle suggestions that present themselves to you, as we’ve talked earlier, such as, well: the body is matter, and it must go through material processes.  You must become alert to those … false … dark-age … ignorances.  It’s not necessary to live under … their rule.


And the way you stop living under their rule is to stop employing them … as the basis for your conclusions.


You can’t come to terms with your mortality.  You can’t find a way to live with your mortality.  There ain’t no such thing.  There never was, … but until the Resurrection, there had not been a demonstration of it .. in the world, so to speak – in … human experience – to cause that belief to be nullified in everyone’s mind – to be invalidated – to be shown for what it is: …  just a fantastic, imaginative … misunderstanding.


So I’m glad you asked the question.  You can’t live with your motal– mortality.  Stop trying.  Start living with your Eternality.  Come to terms with That, because there’s a Singularity.  There’s a Consistency.  And in s- It’s in absolute harmony with the TruthEternal Truth, which is therefore, the present Truth.


No matter where you think you are in your path of spiritual development, you’re not on a path of spiritual … development that will get you to Eternality and deathless Life.  You are in the middle of deathless Life, acting as though you’re on a path – a development that will get you to a point where you can demonstrate Eternal Life.


Stop wasting your time with this concept of development, and start paying attention to where you are, and find God in it.  And embrace everything about where you are, … from that standpoint, so you can start … being naturally curious to see evidence of it.


As long as you’re convinced that you’re mortal and that there’s matter, you will be convinced that there’s nothing … out of the ordinary to be experienced, certainly nothing of the sort I’ve been talking about.


And your absolute conviction in that – well, there you go.  Your decision … governs your experience.  And that will be your experience until … you say: There must be another way to look at this, and become curious … to find out what it is.


It’s time to … be curious to find out what it is, because mortality went out the window 2,005 years ago. … And it’s time for every one to catch up.  Okay.  Thank you.


CHRIS.  The next question is from Jenny.  What are the body issues I have been having?  What are the feelings of others I’ve been experiencing?


ANSWER.   Well the body issues you’ve been experiencing are nothing more than hand-me-downs.  They are traditions that have been handed down to you.   And you think that because you’re a woman, you’re supposed to have this, that, or the other kind of experience.


Now I understand … that you were really not expecting this, because you’re on your spiritual path, … and you thought you had an understanding … that would mean you wouldn’t have to have this experience.  But nevertheless you are. 


Does this prove that everything you believed wasn’t true, and the tradition that was handed down to you was not just a false idea im- impressed into the minds of every woman – every girl as she grew up?  And they are in fact true, and … you are a body.  And your body is physical; and your body is matter.


Is … Is that-  Is that … what you do … in the face of … these experiences.  No. … No.  You just see … that the tradition that was handed down is more firmly embedded in you than you thought.  And you proceed with joy, and expectation, to see the undoing of that tradition, that mindset, and thereby, the physical evidence of it. …


You expect to see transformation.  You expect to see – and experience – balance, harmony.


What is it that could age?  It’s not anything that would be Eternal.  It would have to be matter, wouldn’t it?  You see?  It’s all bound up in the whole … mindset of matter – which then means matter versus Spirit – conflict again, polarization.


Before the year 2000, there was a lot of expectan– expectancy – a lot of openness to radically new things.


Post 2000 … what’s happened?  People have abandoned their expectation even though it was valid.


What happened when you reached a certain age and these symptoms appeared?  You were tempted to abandon your faith, your trust, your hope – your curiosity.  Like what’s the use?  It happened to my mother.  It happened to my grandmother.  It happened to my great-grandmother.  Yes. Tradition. (sung like in Fiddler on the Roof)  You see?


Keep your curiosity alive. Be willing – be willing to assume the obvious:  That God is All.  That God is All-Inclusive. That there is nothing going on anywhere that is not God.  And that if there seems to be something going on that isn’t God Moving, it’s because you, or someone else, or everyone else, has preferred their imagination  – their best imagination – what they consider to be their best imagination of what everything is   And it is that element – added to the Allness of God – that is creating … the distortion and the distress.


And what’s called for is to find a way to abandon the habit of adding a little bit extra to What God Is Be-ing – and to look for God, and ask to be shown by God – … God in Everything. …


Start a new tradition.  Okay. 


CHRIS.  The next question if from Andreanna.  Dear Raj, I feel like I’m in a standstill.  I’m unable to move in any direction.  I’m wondering whether the message is to be right where I am, even though I feel a little apprehensive and wondering what could be coming next, or even if there is a next.  That’s it.


ANSWER.    Everything is exactly as it should be, and everything is in balance.  What you’re confronted with is an antsy impatience.  A feeling that you must exert some authority and make something happen. …. Don’t take the bait. Let yourself be where you are.  Bring your full attention to where you are, a And look at it from the Place of Excellence in you.  


In other words, ask.  Go within and ask.  ‘Father, Holy Spirit, show me the Beauty – show me the Harmony – show me the Fullness of the Presence of God that I’m right in the middle of – right where I am, because I wish to acknowledge It.  I wish to declare It.  I wish to not participate in making suggestions that anything else but God is going on here.  Help me … see the Truth so clearly that I stand in awe of where I am, … and would therefore, have no desire to be anywhere else, or make anything else happen.’


The ego is simply baiting you to assert a little authority. …  Don’t take the bait.  Okay. 


CHRIS.  The next question is from Pogo.  What is the earth experiment, that is due for completion on or about 2012?


ANSWER.   (laughing) There’s no earth experiment.  If there’s been an experiment, it’s been one engaged in by the Sons and Daughters of God who … who said, ‘Let’s experiment with … having ideas of our own.  Let’s experiment with making up new definitions for everything.  Let’s join in mutual agreement as to what Reality is, and let us behave on that basis.  And let’s do it for as long as we can possibly do it.’


If there’s been any experiment, that has been the experiment. 


The earth experiment: well, if you’re going to talk about the earth experiment in that way, you’re going to be talking about … a physical body, in the middle of a physical universe. … There ain’t no such thing.  There’s Mind, Infinitely Experiencing Its Infiniteness.  And the objects of Mind are Ideas.  And these Ideas have Substance because of their Source.


And the Substance of that – of that Source – ispatterned – through the patterning of Energy, Which is Spirit – … so that It is Experience[able through Mind – Which is what constitutes Be-ing Conscious – because to be Conscious of nothing is not Consciousness. … That … is … the only Thing that’s going on.


Now, as we’ve said … there are some really imaginative … different ideas … – not really Ideas – but imaginations, that have been brought into play, and many different explanations – many different religions – many different religious approaches – many different metaphysical approaches – and on and on and on – that have been overlaid upon this fundamental, simple … Movement of Creation … – in Which there is no matter and no time. …


Stop being duped by these invitations to see everything differently from What It Is. 


There’s no earth experiment that will be over.  What is likely to be over … in 2011 is the experiment that Christs … have engaged in … to imagine … different meanings for Creation – and joined together in mutual agreement and conviction about those definitions and the attempt to live on the basis of those definitions – to the exclusion of … what Everything Really Is.


The enthusiasm for such an adventure (small laugh) will be dying out, and is already in process of waning, even though you can’t see it yet.


You see a lot of distress.  It’s really … the more Conscious … Awareness that the grand experiment at being independent authorizers is … no longer providing satisfaction, or enjoyment, or positive thrill.  And that’s what I mean when I said that the … inclination to participate in the experiment is waning.  Okay.


I … I really want everyone … to be willing to more consistently challenge their inclination … to just … continue traditions – traditions of mortality – traditions of … autonomous independence – traditions of interpreting everything.  Please, stop interpreting everything.  Abandon the interpretations, and let yourself be present with everything, … innocently with curiosity to know what a thing is, totally aside from any interpretations you’ve made up or any interpretations that have been handed down to you.


The only way … a shift … of awareness is going to occur is when you invite it, and when you refrain from enforcing old perceptions.  Now you can … talk and talk and talk and reason and argue, and … try to come to … a definitive understanding of A Course In Miracles or Christian Science, or Catholicism or … metaphysics, … but nothing’s going to happen until you, yourself, actually take the time to let go of your best concepts, and to set aside all you’ve been taught, so that you might give your attention to a thing, … an object, a neighbour, whatever – innocently.  Really.  And have … some moments of Intimacy, asking: “Please, let me see What This Really Is.  Let me see What God Is Be-ing Here.”


Until you engage in this … quote ‘inner work’ unquote, nothing’s going to benefit you, no matter how much discussion or argument about the meaning of this or that or the other thing takes place.


Shut up … the arguments and the intellectualizations.  Become still, and become Intimate with your world.  And understand that if your purpose for this moment of Intimacy is to … confirm … what you believe, … you moment of innocent– of Intimacy will not be innocent.  And the Fullness of What A Thing Really Is will elude you, because you’re wanting … to confirm yourself, instead of letting Reality confirm Itself to you, because … you’re willing to see it, without introducing the something extra to the Allness of God. …


I have enjoyed Be-ing with You in this time today.  And I look forward to Be-ing with You again, like this.  Thank You.


AUDIENCE. (Thank You’s.)








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