When a Toothache Isn’t a Toothache
Posted 2015-01-15 11:00 PM (#202431)
Subject: When a Toothache Isn’t a Toothache


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My friend and fellow dental blogger, Dr. Alan Mead just posted a great article, Don’t just do something, sit there!. In it, he discusses a particular emergency patient he saw recently with whom he couldn’t yet identify a dental issue.dental implant machine

Dentists are trained diagnosticians and surgeons. Our prime directive is to find a problem and solve it! Sometimes, when we can’t find the cause of a problem, we still want to solve it and do something. Alan’s article wisely suggests that sometimes it’s better to do nothing. And, it inspired me to write.

In the day-to-day world of dentistry, most toothaches are successfully eliminated with either root canal treatment or extraction of the offending tooth.

And, most times, this is the correct course of action. However, I think some dentists may be predisposed to jumping to that conclusion even in the absence of definitive proof.

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