Chris, a glitch...
Posted 2003-02-12 9:03 AM (#2142)
Subject: Chris, a glitch...

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Hi Chris,

I  have noticed in my posts and in some others that you get a symbol that has a happy face and some letters and symbols randomly placed in a post.

I will go find one and see if I can reproduce it here.  Hi there,fficeffice" />>>

Found one, anyway, these just pop up.  I can't figure out why or how to get rid of them.

I took this one out of one of my posts in the thread "Is this another way to participate."




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Chris Tuttle
Posted 2003-02-13 4:00 PM (#2207 - in reply to #2142)
Subject: I beleive it has to do with html marked up content


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The weird smiley face thing happens most when people are cutting and pasting from a Microsoft Office application like Word. If you have something to copy and paste, first paste it into Notepad, then select all, copy, and paste into the edit box.

Hope that helps.
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