Posted 2003-02-09 9:05 PM (#1982)
Subject: Chris


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Hello Chris!

I didn't make the post clear. I am referring to when I copy and paste from one of my existing files.

After I click on paste to the TGP "Post Screen", my file appears complete. That is when it appears with the huge space between paragraphs. At this point, I have not done any typing.

So, why does this program place this space between paragraphs? That is when I have gone to "View source" and deleted a letter P at the end of each paragraph. There is one P at the end and another at the beginning of the next paragraph.

Am I missing something?

Love and Peace,


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Chris Tuttle
Posted 2003-02-09 9:23 PM (#1985 - in reply to #1982)
Subject: It's the rich-edit control feature...


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The root of the problem is that you're using the rich-edit control.  If you would like to paste your selection without the carriage returns being turned into paragraphs, update your profile settings to *not* use the rich-edit control, you should then be able to post without this problem.


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