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Posted 2011-05-17 8:02 AM (#152421)
Subject: The Healing Corner

Location: Somewhere in Heaven
I would like to suggest that there be a place where users could place a request for healing. At the moment it seems that it is helter skelter. Names pop up in TGP but often have no reference. It seems to me that enhancing our healing ability (I am referring specifically to physical and emotional healing) is a priority for everyone and we have been promised that we will be directed in all things regarding healing. (Maybe that is why I am writing this...) Could we please have one place where this is the focus? It could be as simple as a place where users could place a request and updates. Names would be removed when the specific issue was resolved (so it doesn´t get to out of hand--we all want healing for something!) Perhaps we could ask that the name, age, physical location, and apparent problem be given and nothing more. The only person who can comment on a post is the person who posted it. If an update is not posted within a certain amount of time, say two weeks, the name is removed. This would not be a place for advice giving, just one place where I and others who are guided to will go will be drawn to certain people to help and in whatever way we each are taught by Jesus, heal through the power of Our Union and Our Mind. Each healer in conjunction with Christ Jesus will know what to do for each person. It wouldn´t be a place for information on "how to heal." TGP is often overloaded with articles and references to other teachings and if that happens in a healing forum, it would defeat the purpose of each of us NEEDING TO CONNECT DIRECTLY and be taught directly and individually.

Also, it seems that most of the acitivity on the website is on TGP. I am not sure what is the intended difference between TGP and The Sandbox. ?? Maybe the Sandbox, if it is not being used that much could become The Healing Corner. We could then maintain the 7 forum format. I like 7. I am also very willing to be of assistance with this. I am happy to moderate the forum if that is useful.

With much Love,

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