Chris, if I change my e-mail...
mark d
Posted 2003-05-15 11:59 AM (#9523)
Subject: Chris, if I change my e-mail...


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Chris, if I change my e-mail address under "edit profile," at TGP, will that:

1- Cause any problems logging on?
2- Cause problems with MIRC and the chat room?
2- Automatically change my e-mail address on the NWFFACIM mailing list?

I would like to have notification of new posts on TGP to go to a different e-mail address, while keeping my NWFFACIM e-mail address as it is. That is the reason for my asking. Thanks.

mark d
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Chris Tuttle
Posted 2004-02-02 3:20 PM (#27626 - in reply to #9523)
Subject: If you change your email...


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if you change your email address, it won't affect your logging on. Also, mIRC and the chat room don't use it in any way, so you're good there too. As far as the mailing list, the registered users online is seperate from the foundations mailing list, so you won't have any problem there. The only thing is that if you forget your password, then when it's emailed to you, it'll go to the email address registered to the forum.

One thing to note though, Paul for the first time, sent out the forum announcements using the forums broadcast message feature... so in the future, the online registered users could be thought of as the mailing list. It's up in the air right now though, so just make sure you check that other account.

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